Investment Highlight

1.Portfolio of mainly retail properties which enrich the lives of nearby communities

  • In order to capture stable revenue over the long term and achieve growth, we will focus on our investments in commercial facilities deep-rooted (including leasehold land) located in local communities throughout the top four metropolitan areas of Japan where consistent growth in population density is forecasted.

2.Investments in leasehold land generating stable cash-flow

  • In light of the four advantages and characteristics of leasehold land shown below, ESCON REIT aims to actively invest in leasehold land for commercial properties and build up a stable portfolio.
  • Long-term stable rent income
  • Low maintenance cost as there is no depreciation and maintenance cost to be borne
  • Growing market for leasehold land
  • Low vulnerability of asset value to disasters and catastrophes

3.Fully leverages property development capabilities, cutting-edge management expertise and sponsor support from ES-CON JAPAN and CHUBU Electric Power group to maximize unitholder value

External growth

  • Aims to achieve consistent external growth by leveraging ES-CON JAPAN's real estate development know-how and a warehousing function provided by the CHUBU Electric Power group.

Internal growth

  • Aims to achieve internal growth by drawing on ES-CON JAPAN’s property management expertise and experience as well as CHUBU Electric Power group’s environmental and power-saving technologies.
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