To Our Unitholders

It is our sincere hope that this message finds all our unitholders well and prosperous.
First, we pray for the earliest possible recovery for anyone suffering from COVID-19 infection, and we would like to express our deepest respect for the devoted efforts of healthcare professionals.

We have successfully completed our settlement for the 8th fiscal period (August 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021). This would not have been possible without all our unitholders, and we would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for your understanding and support.

Both GoTo Travel campaign and GoTo Eat campaign, which are promoting economic recovery, showed signs of economic recovery for a time in this fiscal period. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 infection began to spread again shortly after this, and with a state of emergency declared again on January 7th, things remain unstable and uncertain for the Japanese economy.
Despite this, we have been able to draw on the stability that is the strength of our leasehold land and lifestyle-focused commercial facilities in our operating assets while keeping the effects on revenue and expenditure caused by reduced and canceled rents to a minimum. As a result, our dividend per unit (DPU) was 3,599 yen, an increase of 110 yen over our previous forecast.
On-site operations in our commercial facilities greatly affect the value of our operating assets, so we need to pay close attention to market trends and the effects of COVID-19 and to respond to them both promptly and appropriately as we strive for further growth while looking ahead towards the state of the world during and after COVID-19.

In recent years, ESG perspectives have been positioned as long-term management indexes, and we believe that there is a need to take a more proactive approach. Our initiatives, carried out with a strong awareness of the role of our commercial facilities in the region, have been highly regarded, and both tonarie Yamatotakada and tonarie Toga-Mikita have been awarded DBJ Green Building certification in July of 2020. Following this, DBJ Green Building certification was awarded to both tonarie Minami-Senri and tonarie Seiwadai in February of this year. We shall continue to work towards promoting social contributions through the operation of our commercial facilities.

We would appreciate the continued support and guidance of our unitholders and stakeholders as we move towards steady future growth.

Executive Director: Satoshi Omori
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