Management Philosophy

ESCON REIT shares the same “Vision Concept(Note2)” as ES-CON JAPAN – become a “Life Developer(Note1)” that develops not only buildings but also the lives of those who live in them while thinking of their happiness. By drawing on property development and management expertise of ES-CON JAPAN, we aim to maximize unitholder value through consistently expanding our AUM.

  • “Life Developer” refers to the corporate branding concept of ES-CON JAPAN which is to be a developer of not only the buildings but also the lives of those who live in them, thinking of their happiness, create richness unprecedented in the real estate industry, connecting people with communities with the future.
  • “Vision Concept” is a term coined by ES-CON JAPAN that combines the words, “vision” and “concept” which represents their corporate concept and future identity.
  • ES-CON JAPAN Group refers to ES-CON JAPAN including its subsidiaries and affiliates.
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