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ESCON REIT mainly invests in commercial facilities with food supermarkets as major tenants, such as community-based shopping malls in front of train stations that are used daily by local citizens, and the leasehold land on which the facilities are constructed.

With declining birthrate and aging population gathering momentum in Japan, lifestyle-focused commercial facilities carry the function of infrastructure in the event that a natural disaster occurs, in addition to their role as the center of those communities. We believe that the function will become increasingly more important in the future.

There is a lot that an asset management company can do as a real estate manager. As professionals in the operation of commercial facilities, we recognize that environmental considerations, social contributions and enhanced sustainability through the reinforcement of corporate governance contribute to increases in unitholders’ value, and will implement our corporate activities, focusing on these material challenges (materiality) from a medium- to long-term perspective.

We would appreciate the continued support and guidance of our stakeholders.

Satoshi Omori
Executive Director, ESCON JAPAN REIT Investment Corporation
President and Representative Director, ES-CON ASSET MANAGEMENT

With the strongly awareness of commercial facilities’ roles in communities, ESCON REIT will continue its positive ESG initiatives.

Environmental initiatives

Example of Environmental initiatives

Installation of LED lighting

ESCON REIT is pursuing the reduction of electricity consumption by introducing LED lighting systems in the communal areas of four tonarie commercial facilities (Yamatotakada, Minami-senri, Toga・Mikita and Seiwadai) and Asumigaoka Brand-New Mall.

tonarie Yamatotakada

tonarie Minami-senri

tonarie Toga・Mikita

tonarie Seiwadai

Asumigaoka Brand-New Mall

Introducing a groundwater membrane filtration system

A groundwater membrane filtration system has been introduced in Asumigaoka Brand-New Mall, contributing to the reduction of environmental burdens and towards the achievement of a sustainable society.

・Securing a water supply channel in the event of a disaster to improve business continuity

・Offering drinking water to local inhabitants for free in the event of a disaster (scheduled)

・Reducing public water supply consumption using the groundwater membrane filtration system

Social initiatives

By holding a variety of events in “tonarie” lifestyle-focused commercial facilities, in which members of the local communities and tenants can participate, and implementing community-based activities that contribute to society, ESCON REIT aims to contribute to the revitalization of local areas and the creation of local communities.

〈Brand Concept〉
Close to the community in order to develop together with the community. Always a good neighbor.

Contributions for communities

Holding a variety of events in which members of the local communities and tenants can participate

Open-air concerts
tonarie Seiwadai

Tanabata festival decorations
tonarie Seiwadai

Rice-cake making events
tonarie Yamatotakada

Music festival
tonarie Yamatotakda

Certified as dementia-friendly shopping center

ESCON REIT is working to create age-friendly communities, including older people with dementia. All tenants in tonarie Seiwadai have taken dementia supporter courses and this commercial facility was certified as a dementia-friendly shopping center by Hyogo Prefectural Government.

Social contribution activities

Bicycle Anti-theft Day Campaign
tonarie Yamatotakada

Supporting Japan for UNHCR
tonarie Yamatotakada

tonarie Seiwadai was awarded a letter of appreciation in recognition of its routine services for the promotion of blood donation by the Blood Donation Promotion Committee of Kawanishi-shi, Hyogo. tonarie Seiwadai

tonarie Minami-senri, tonarie Seiwadai, tonarie Toga・Mikita and tonarie Yamatotakada installed AEDs

・tonarie Seiwadai provides free circular bus service for local residents with a local social welfare corporation

・tonarie Minami-senri recycles plastic bottle caps to help fund vaccines for children (tonarie Minami-senri)

Initiatives for improving employees’ work environment

ESCON REIT is promoting the following initiatives with the aim of improving the working environment for employees of tenants and the asset management company.

・Operation of employee lounges for tenants (tonarie Minami-senri, tonarie Seiwadai, tonarie Toga・Mikita, tonarie Yamatotakada, Asumigaoka Brand-New Mall)

・Providing a workplace environment prioritized to Work life balance (asset management company)


Acquisition of certifications

DBJ Green Building Certifications

DBJ Green Building is a certification system that was newly established in April 2011 by Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) as an initiative to support its customers’ environmentally and socially conscious management of their real estate (“Green Building”). DBJ evaluates and certifies properties that are socially and economically sought through comprehensive assessment of the measures taken for various stakeholders, including disaster prevention and community-conscious initiatives.

There are five levels of certification ranks as follows.

評価 基準
★★★★★ (five stars) Properties with the best class environmental and social awareness
★★★★ (four stars) Properties with exceptionally high environmental and social awareness
★★★ (three stars) Properties with excellent environmental and social awareness
★★ (two stars) Properties with high environmental and social awareness
(one stars) Properties with satisfactory environmental and social awareness

We have received DBJ Green Building Certification for the following properties.

Certified properties Certification rank Certified date
tonarie Toga・Mikita (three stars) 27 July, 2020
tonarie Yamatotakada (three stars) 27 July, 2020
tonarie Minami-senri (three stars) 19 February, 2021
tonarie Seiwadai (three stars) 19 February, 2021
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